Content Marketing vs Advertising

While working with a variety of business owners and entrepreneurs, it becomes increasingly apparent that people with a marketing need frequently are confused and put off from the value of Content Marketing, and how it is different in its messaging from advertising. Over the last decade, the full adoption of the internet as an integral part of […]

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Marketing to Gen Z

Earlier this morning (November 2015), Twitter started to trend a few hash tags that lead us to an article mention by Ad Age editor Margaret Czeisler, written by Adam Flomenbaum of Found Remote. The Article talks about new findings in marketing to Gen Z and their consumption of media. With the advertising industry always looking to […]

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Inverse Square Law of Light

Working in video production often means that we have a great deal of conversations that center around lighting, we have even posted on things like the difference between high-key and low-key methods of lighting a scene, but a few weeks back we had one conversation about a particular governing law of light and physics called […]

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Not the end for TV Advertising

Last quarter saw the largest drop in Paid Television ownership to date (according to research firm SNL Kagen; referenced from AdAge). With this sudden drop, researchers and advertisers, as well as bloggers, are continuing to have conversations on new ways of interacting with the key influential demographic that traditional advertising has always eluded to; 18-49 year […]

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Inbound Marketing

If you have been following our blog recently, you will see that we often write to The Changing Landscape of Advertising and Improving Advertising Effectiveness but today we are talking about the process for which customer acquisition is supported by a content based strategy. It is called Inbound Marketing, according to HubSpot, and today we will be […]

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Monetize your media

The funding and montization of media is a subject that seems to come up quite often in our daily activities around here. How is it that a particular documentary, movie, podcast, or youtube channel seems to make enough money to fund the project and keep the doors open? Todays post is on just that; how […]

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shooting high key and low key

To add a level of craftsmanship to any video production, and your final video output, working with intentional lighting choices is the easiest way to go about it. There are two major types of lighting styles: high key, and low key. These two styles of lighting are used to create very different types of emotion in […]

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