Monetize your media

The funding and montization of media is a subject that seems to come up quite often in our daily activities around here. How is it that a particular documentary, movie, podcast, or youtube channel seems to make enough money to fund the project and keep the doors open? Todays post is on just that; how to monetize your media.

Sponsorship and Product Placement

There is a general consensus around the web that talks about a handful of different ways to generate income through media. Most of them include both corporate sponsorship and product placement, but recently advertisers have started moving towards a relationship that moves beyond seeing a product in the foreground to become something that is integrated into the scripted dialog of the film itself. The most recent and exciting relationship that is underway comes from the ‘Entourage‘ film that came out earlier this week, and their numerous financial supporters. Over the years, the ‘Entourage’ series has depicted a lavish lifestyle that became an iconic monument to a young generation of cynical influencers that have been ruthlessly pursued by commercialism, known only by the elusive name: Millennials. In a recent article by Ad Week, they wrote of this mixing of commercialism and entertainment with co-branding the film with products such as The Cadillac Ciel, Johnny Walker, and Tequila Avion.

Pre-Rolls, Ads, and Subscriptions

With the introduction of the monetization opportunities available through YouTube, you as a a digital content producer have the chance to use a free product to make a marginal income on your media. Pre-roll ads have been in place for some time now, but are worth mentioning. You can receive a financial kickback based on the number of views your media is catching, but there is another option. Podcaster might be more familiar with this one; paid subscriptions. Both YouTube and Podcast services have this option to charge viewers to have access to your content. Within a Podcast service such as Podbean that option will be an additional cost to the content creator, but does give the option for more premium and audience focused media.

SWAG and other Product Sales

Keeping with the same ‘Entourage’ theme, last week on Facebook the team was offering up signed copies of the movie script for a few thousand dollars a piece. Though most of us are not creating multi-million dollar films that have been anticipated for years, the idea of selling products that are cheap and easy to produce such as stickers, t-shirts, or anything else your target market would enjoy is an easy way to help gain followers and thus a few more dollars in your pocket. A great example of a team that did well by this was, who later became known for their song Trogdor which was used on the cultural benchmark game “Guitar Hero”.

Brand Yourself

Branding yourself is key to developing a firm monetization strategy for your media, and demonstrating the number of people you can bring with you as a client base is the new key to attaining new and interesting projects.  If you are interested in standing out from the crowd, gaining more exposure, and making a few dollars in the process, follow and share this blog as we help take you and your organization to new places. Want more about branding yourself, leave us a comment with any questions you might have.

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