Marketing to Gen Z

Earlier this morning (November 2015), Twitter started to trend a few hash tags that lead us to an article mention by Ad Age editor Margaret Czeisler, written by Adam Flomenbaum of Found Remote. The Article talks about new findings in marketing to Gen Z and their consumption of media. With the advertising industry always looking to communicate with the new influencers of purchasing habits, it was of little surprise that the article has been getting the exposure that it has.

Trying to synthesize new information from the way these numbers communicate trends seem to suggest that the writer would discourage media purchasing through traditional forms such as TV and Radio, and more so in pre-roll ads through YouTube and a strong social presence, if your organization is marketing to those between the age of 12 and 24 years that is. What was even more interesting however, is that the numbers shown by the writer also suggest that a combination of event or location based (non-digital) ads might still have a role to play in the modern advertising landscape, as 54% of Gen Z’ers admit to preferring real-life experiences and socializing. As artists and advertisers had learned from this generations successors, guerilla marketing and other planned marketing events might continue to drive results given this new insight.

With this information that brand strategists have been speaking to for almost a decade now reaching a validated commonplace point in human behavior, perhaps the quality of company advertising strategies will start to respond amongst smaller companies….. Here is to positive thinking at least.

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